VR (Dev & Functionality) highlights 11th-17th February

A run through of all this week’s Virtual Reality (Dev and Functionality) highlights from my Social Media feeds.  Let me know if you find this section of my blog useful.  Feel free to contact me if you want to feature any Virtual Reality Developer or Functionality stories in a future blog edition.


vr browsers
VR browsers are key to a more immersive web
(Written by Amir-Esmaeil Bozorgzadeh via Venturebeat shared by Billy Vacheva)


volumetric video
Volumetric Video Platform
(Created and shared by Volumetric Video Platform)


volumetric 3d model
Interactive Volumetric 3D Model
(Created and shared by Oncor Video)


Motion Sickness cure
A Possible Cure for Virtual Reality Motion Sickness
(Written by Jay Samit via Fortune shared by HATC London)


Positioning Sync test
Positioning Sync Testing between #ARCore & #HTCVive made with Unity
(Created and shared by mechpilot)


Brain-controlled video game
Brain-controlled video game to hit VR arcades this year
(Written and posted by VRWorld shared by Disrupt)


Don’t forget to have a scan through the other blogs posted this week including VR applications, VR Strategy, VR Hardware and we have a dedicated post relating to all of the Magic Leap news from last week too.

Next week’s blog will be published later than usual as I will be attending the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona!  Stay tuned for exciting updates from that event via my Twitter account @TheHappyLass

Have a great week 🙂




Author: Suzanne Showcasing VR

Obsessed with Virtual Reality, excited how it will shape our future and dedicated to helping to bring it to the mainstream community. Follow me to read my monthly VR news round up, to hear about some extremely interesting start-ups, the latest from the industry's thought leaders along with a bit of 'banter' (Scottish slang for having a laugh) What you waiting for? Let's dive into this immersive pool of awesomeness!!!

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