HitMotion:Reloaded Mixed Reality Fitness

If like me you have no time to visit a gym because you have a hectic lifestyle then technology throws up some potential solutions for you. There has been an influx of interest and demand for applications that help to keep you fit. I’ve saw tweets showing weight improvements thanks to virtual reality games and even invitations to work out together in social vr platforms. But this is the first time I’ve saw a mixed reality solution and its called HitMotion:Reloaded.

What does ‘mixed reality’ mean?

This experience can be purchased using Viveport and requires a Vive Focus Pro virtual reality headset in order to view the graphics. It has been designed using the passthrough technology meaning that you are able to see your real world surroundings whilst the augmented reality gaming graphics appear in your field of view. If you have played Lenovo Jedi Challenges you will understand this concept quite well. So in summary, you wear your VR headset, see your real world playing space eg your living room but see the game graphics as if the experience is taking place in your real world playing space. Make sense?

Designed With Fitness In Mind

I enjoy playing rhythm type virtual reality experiences and usually you are unintentionally working out whilst playing them. However, this particular experience has been designed specifically using fitness research and incorporated techniques into the gameplay for you. Ultimately meaning that this experience has been created to make you fitter whilst playing it. Most specifically for your legs and arms. There are 21 levels to work your way through and motivational daily challenges to help you to continue with this fitness regime. Plus the ability to select difficulty of levels as you work your way up. It’s more than just boxing, there is a trainer for technique, encourages you to move around in your space using 6DoF, speed rewards, agility rewards and so much more.

A new way to help your fitness levels using the power of technology

Aside from the fantastic experience and benefits that this game offers you, I am incredibly excited about the technological advances being demonstrated. As far as I am aware, this is the first game or experience that is utilising the virtual reality passthrough functionality. In fact it is only available on Vive Focus Plus because of this reason – most other headset manufacturers have not even explored content that utilises this unique side of existing hardware. This experience is brought to us by New Technology Walkers and Tony ‘SkarredGhost‘ Vitillo is part of that team. I’ve been a follower of Tony’s discovery and experimental work for some time and know that he is fascinated by passthrough. He has personally demonstrated many new ways to use that side of the technology by sharing his videos on YouTube. So I am pleased that HitMotion: Reloaded has been created whilst using his specialist knowledge.

I sadly cannot play this experience because I don’t have the required hardware but if you do then here is the info you need. Available on Viveport for the very cheap price of £4.57/ 4.99/$5.59. The intention is to launch across other devices from next year.

To find out more information go and check them out on their website https://hitmotion.games/

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HitMotion: Reloaded trailer

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Author: Suzanne Showcasing VR

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