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HitMotion:Reloaded Mixed Reality Fitness - If like me you have no time to visit a gym because you have a hectic lifestyle then technology throws up some potential solutions for you. There has been an influx of interest and demand for applications that help to keep you fit. I’ve saw tweets showing weight improvements thanks to virtual reality games and … Continue reading "HitMotion:Reloaded Mixed Reality Fitness"
Is This The Future of Travel Photography? - Thank you for sharing your insight for travels and beyond. Thank you for also mentioning me and Pivotal Reality too! Hopefully we can meet again soon 🙂
The World’s 1st Full Day VR/AR Conference held in VR – Merging Realities -   What was Merging Realities? Merging Realities was the world’s first full-day conference that you could attend in virtual reality and took place on April 26th 2018.  It was hosted by Mike McCready and students from Lethbridge College based in Canada and made possible by Doghead Simulations‘ Rumii platform based in Seattle, Washington.  I had booked … Continue reading "The World’s 1st Full Day VR/AR Conference held in VR – Merging Realities"
The UK’s First Full Motion VR Racing Centre – VR Simulators Glasgow - You all know me by  now and know I am a complete virtual reality idoliser, if not, where have you been?!  So when I first read that a virtual reality racing car centre was opening close to my home I experienced instant fan girl syndrome… OMG OMG OMG! This is coming to my doorstep in … Continue reading "The UK’s First Full Motion VR Racing Centre – VR Simulators Glasgow"
Star Wars Jedi Challenges Review - Like many others I had asked Santa for a Disney Lenovo Start Wars Jedi Challenges for Christmas last year. Having saw the online ads I was intrigued and desperate to try it out. But turns out the first lesson for any Jedi apprentice to learn is patience. Damn you Yoda for being so right!!! I … Continue reading "Star Wars Jedi Challenges Review"